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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Guitar Hero World Tour

I've been a big fan of the previous Guitar Hero games. Always fun to just throw it and play a a couple of hours. I played up to GH2 on the 360, but when my 360 RROD on me I traded in all my 360 stuff including GH2. Since then I haven't owned a GH game. Well a few days ago Amazon had a one day deal for GH World Tour. One hundred dollars off. I said what the hell and decided to order it. I ordered for the 360 (My fourth) and it came a couple days ago and I've been playing it. I love the wireless guitar. I've prefered the GH guitars over Rock Bands and this one is also great. My one big complaint on the new guitar is the star power activation is way to sensitive. Any movement whatsoever make Star Power go off. I ended up turning the tilt off. But the button to activate SP is right next to the strum bar and very easy to use. I havent tried the drums or vocals yet because I've been going through the guitar career. I've also read that the GHWT instruments work with all the other music game. Rock Band 1 and 2 plus all past GH games on the 360, so I can buy others without having a ton of plastic instruments sitting around.

Now I have a complaint. A big fucking complaint. The song list. I mean what the fuck. Now I haven't gone through all the songs but man some of this shit is just fucking boring to play. Then a bunch of these bands I've never even heard of. I mainly listen to Death Metal, Grind, Noise and shit like that but I know a bunch about music and I still havent heard of some of this. Who in balls name are the Hushpuppies? Negramaro? The Living End? The Beatsteaks? You may know but I don't. A lot of times in these games I'll not know the song but when I hear it I'll go, "Oh I've heard this." In this game no, just goddamn boredom. I read the Rock Band 2 band list and I've heard of almost all the bands and then I know the songs they have featured in the game. The Linkin Park song in GHWT, "What I've Done" hardly has any fucking guitar in it. I'm standing there looking like a jackass for more than half the song. I'm not a Linkin Park fan (Breaking the Habit is awesome though) but I know they have songs with lots of fucking guitars in them. Why not get one of those? If I wanted to stand there and listen to Linkin Park I'd do that and I wouldnt have to hold a plastic guitar while I do it. I'm figuring MTV having a stake in Rock Band helps them get bands to sign up for that game a lot easier but GH needs to get something. I really hope GH5 has a better song list. This is very important because the DLC support for the GH series is piss fucking poor.

But I do think some of the songs on GHWT are great and lots of fun to play. Dammit by Blink 182 was fun and Eye of the Tiger was a fucking blast. Others have been fun to but I'm bored more than I'm having a good time.

I'll probably just end up picking up GH Metallica and Rock Band 2 and being happy with that.

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