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Monday, October 11, 2010


Sombreros is a top down shooter brought to us by Dustin Gunn. The game comes from a group remake project to remake the games found in the Action 52 set of games. Most gamers know Action 52 as one of the biggest pieces of garbage the gaming world has ever seen. It came out on the NES back in 1991 and has been the subject of tons of internet videos over the years. You can check out some info on that here...


This is the link to the Action 52 remake page. It lists the games and who has choosen to remake the game.


Dustin Gunn has taken what was an abortion of a game and made a really fun to play overhead shooter in the vein of Commando or the old NES Gunsmoke. From the little bit of story I've seen you're playing as a sheriff in a nameless Mexican city. The main villain has stolen the towns supply of sombreros and you're out to get them back.

You head north through the city shooting all who get in your way. The arrow keys move you and the X key shoots. You have another power to use and it's kind of like a bullet time thing. It reminds me of the slow motion shooting from Call of Juarez, you hold the C key and then you pick your targets. When you let go of the C key your little dude just unleashes a hail of bullets on the selected targets. It's really cool and I love to do it. This also comes into play at points in the levels when you have to throw down and have a good old gunfight with enemies. The game automatically goes into slow mo and you aim at one or more people before they can get a bead on you.

The game has a fun Mexican theme through out. The enemies drop sombreros when you kill them and those power your bullet time mechanic. Pinatas which you shoot are the checkpoints in the game which took a moment for me to figure out. At one point Chihuahuas will latch on to you and slow you down.

Right now my main complaint with the game is the shooting. When you hold the fire button and move you stay in the direction you're shooting until you let go of the X key. At points it's cool to hold your direction but I found myself sometimes wishing it would switch without me having to make me let go of the button. Maybe it could of had two fire buttons, one for free fire while moving and one to let you stay in direction while moving.

I haven't finished the game yet I'm about half way through level 2 and the game I believe has 3 levels. I just had to take a break to write this as I was really enjoying the game and wanted to talk about it. Definitely check it out if you like Commando or similar games.

This is a link to Dustin Gunn's blog. Scroll down a bit to find Sombreros.


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