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Monday, November 15, 2010

I had a chance to play the Playstation Move

Yesterday I was inside a Fry's Electronics and they had a PS Move set up to try out. I figured it was a good of time as any to try it. They only had the "wand" part out and no controller attachment to use. I had to do the calibration which I felt worked really well and was very easy to do and I was ready to play. The game they had to try was the Move Sports Demo with only a few events unlocked to play. I decided to go with the already loaded table tennis.

I was able to play one full game. The control of the paddle with the wand felt nice but to me it didn't feel any different than the Wiimote and suffers from the same problems the Wiimote has had the entire thing has been out.

The game itself looks nice but I can't shake the feeling this is just a HD Wii Sports. My biggest issue with it was the AI woman you play against. She kind of cheats and then just rubs it in your face with her stupid little cheer when she scores. The whole time I was playing I was wishing it had a button to throw the paddle at her for being a jerk.

Here's where I had my biggest problem, while I was playing this random guy walked up to me, pouring sweat and basically told me I was doing it wrong and I should try an easier game. After that I decided I had had enough of Move and put the wand down, never to be touched again. It wasn't really hot in the store and it was really nice outside so I don't have any idea what he was doing to work up this amount of sweat. He wasn't just sweaty but it was just pouring off of him. It was really strange but whatever.

In the end I think Move works for what it's suppose to be. The paddle moved with my movements on screen and the tracking was great. But it doesn't change my opinion on motion control in general and I really think it's come out way to late to get on the motion craze, the craze I think is kind of dying and being replaced by the 3D craze.

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