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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dark Souls

Today the follow up to From Software's Demon's Souls was given a real name and a release time frame. The game now known as Dark Souls will be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 late this year. As Demon's Souls is one of my all time favorite games ever I am so psyched for this to come out.

From what they're saying this is not so much a sequel to Demon's Souls as it's inspired by the former game. I believe since Sony had it's hand in publishing Demon's Souls they couldn't make a Demon's Souls 2 and have it go to both platforms so they did a name change. I like that they're doing it this way as I firmly believe Demon's Souls did not need a direct sequel.

While Demon's Souls had a hub world Dark Souls will not. The whole world will be connected. They're saying that everything you can see you will eventually be able to get too. So let's say you see a castle in the distance you will eventually be in that castle, that sounds really cool.

The other big change is the way your character is made. When you create your character you do not pick a class like in Demon's Souls. You're given more freedom on building your character. I really, really like this. In Demon's Souls you picked a class and eventually that class could do anything the others could do so starting with more of a blank slate is perfect for this type of game. I would love to see more RPG games take this route and not shoehorn you into what they think your should do.

Here's the trailer released today and it looks amazing. The art style and atmosphere in this game is like Demon's Souls but to me it looks like a bleaker, darker world. I cannot wait to play this.

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