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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Duke Nukem Forever

So after weeks of rumors and whispering about Gearbox finishing Duke Nukem Forever we have the truth! Duke Nukem Forever is coming in 2011 from Gearbox. They had a playable game demo at PAX last weekend.

I watched some of the streams of the gameplay out there and it looks really really nice. The overall opinion from what I've read is that the game plays well and it's a lot of fun while keeping the overall feel of what we know about the Duke Nukem character.

The demo opened up with the last level from Duke Nukem 3D with Duke killing the final boss of that level as a tutorial of sorts. Then it pans out to Duke playing the game and getting oral pleasure from twins. Way to go Duke! That may be crass for some but it's classic Duke and I'm glad to see the game will have that kind of humor in it because it fits with the character we know.

The one thing I didn't really read and I'm extremely interested in knowing is how much of the game is what 3D Realms had done and what tweaks and fixes Gearbox have added. I can't imaging that Gearbox has made any super major changes because I don't think they've had the game for more than a year. It's probably better for them to keep it unknown which studios did exactly what just for the sake of getting this game out so we can finally play it.

Will it be good, who knows? Some people are going to be disappointed no matter what because this game is infamous for the development cycle and it's just a thing some people will hate no matter what. I still have high hopes for Duke and I don't think Gearbox is going to put out a bad game so I'm extremely hopeful the game will be good. What Gearbox needs to make sure is that they get the game done next year, we can't have another 12 years of waiting.

Either way Duke's back! Hail to the King Baby!

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