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Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Software announce Project Dark

This past week at Tokyo Game Show From Software makers of one of my most favorite games of all time Demon's Souls announced a new game. This game is tentatively being called Project Dark but many were claiming this could be a direct sequel to Demon's Souls or in the least a spiritual successor. Well by the looks of the following video it's at least a successor and that's okay by me. The game is coming out on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 next year and I cannot wait for it.

Demon's Souls had a definite ending that didn't really hint at the possibility of a sequel. The only thing that you never saw was the sixth world that's locked through out the whole game. If From Software can get the feel of Demon's Souls down and give us a whole new world to explore and new lore to learn about I'm all for it. Boletaria was an amazing world and I would love to see it again but I think I'm more excited to see the amazing stuff From Software could show us in a new land.

Anyway expect to read a lot more about Project Dark here in the coming months. I'm so freaking excited for it!

Here's the reveal trailer.

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