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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Within a Deep Forrest

Last night I finished Within A Deep Forrest. This is a platformer made by Nicklas Nygren otherwise known as Nifflas. The game came out a few years ago but I hadn't played it until recently and it was a very good game.

You play as a ball the result of a mad doctor's plan to make a world freezing bomb and it's up to you to stop it.

The game which I've heard referred to as an "ambient platformer." The music is very mellow and the world feels alive. For a game with simple yet very good looking graphics the world you're in is as much a part of the story as the story is.

As the ball you bounce around the world solving very simple puzzles and collecting new powers. You get new materials which make your ball bounce higher or turn you into iron to help you sink into the ground when needed and even a fragile glass ball that has a whole level devoted to it's use and is really a pain in the ass to use.

The one thing about this game is for most of the it the game is just really mellow and it's a very relaxing experience until you get close to the end. As you get to the end the game get's crazy hard and I mean CRAZY hard. I played the game on hard which changes the ball handling somewhat and adds some new hazards such as fireballs and various things like that.

This is just a short few words on Within a Deep Forrest, it's a game I slept on big time as I'm fairly new to the whole "indie" scene so I hadn't heard about it until recently. If you're doing the same you should play it, it's fantastic. Right now I'm getting ready to play Knytt which is the game Nifflas put out after Within a Deep Forrest and you should play that too.

Links to Nifflas info and games!


This is Nifflas' site. You can download his games here.


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