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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gaming without Internet Review - Solitaire

So where I'm living right now the internet has been really hit or miss. For about a week now the connection keeps randomly dropping off and when it is running the speed is slower than dial up. This makes doing anything on the internet impossible even posting stuff here. With the slower speed logging into Steam is a challenge in patience and it's one I'm not really looking to try so I've been keeping busy with other stuff. Mainly I've been sitting here playing the Solitaire that came with Windows 7. I've spent a good amount of time over the years playing the various Solitaire games that came with Windows, 3.11 all the way to 7. I have to say Windows 7's Solitaire is the worst version I've played. I like all the fancy animations and such but from a game play stand point it's just bad. When you're dealt your cards you can lose the game without being able to put any cards anywhere. You can scroll through the deck but then the game over kill screen comes up and you have to start over. Now I understand there is a chance if using real cards that you could deal yourself a losing hand right from the start but this is a program, a program that should be able to weed out any chance of this happening. I've never experienced this in any other Solitaire program be it a Windows version or some other company's game. When you do not have any moves left the game gives you a "No More Moves" popup and you are asked what you would like to do and I do think that's great because it lets you know you're done, well you know when it works. The box will pop up about 90 percent of the time but I've had several times where the game is in a state of not being able to make a move and the box will not come up. When I'm in a situation like this I hit the "hint" key to make sure I'm done and all it does is have me cycle through my deck endlessly. This can be a little annoying, I mean I can tell when the game is over but when you have a feature that's actually useful in some cases it should work all the time. Overall this game is Solitaire everyone knows it and you may like it or not but this version is flawed. Now you may be thinking why I'm reviewing Solitaire of all things well that's what happens when the internet is crap.

Solitaire - 7 out of 10

The game is fun because well it's Solitaire but this version is flawed.

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