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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Plants vs Zombies vs Michael Jackson

So like everyone else I read about Michael Jackson's family wanting the "Dancing Zombie" taken out of Pop-Cap's Plants vs Zombies game. If you don't know what the Zombie in question is, it's a zombie that comes out of the ground and moonwalks with some backup dancers similar to Michael Jackson while wearing a red leather coat like Jacko wore in the Thriller days. You can see the Zombie in question at around 42 seconds into this video.

The Jackson family is threatening legal trouble if the zombie isn't removed so Pop-Cap is doing what some may call the smart thing and replacing the Jacko Zombie which is never referred to as Jackson in anyway just the look, with a Disco Zombie which I haven't seen yet. The idevice version of the game has the change already and the XBLA version will have it too, but no word on when the PC version will get a patch. The whole laws of parody would probably work in Pop-Cap's favor but I guess it's easier for them to just change the game then go through a giant legal battle over a throwaway joke that was only mildly amusing. I should note that the Zombie was in the game way before Jackson actually died so it wasn't like Pop-Cap was putting him in there to make fun of his death but really from all the news reports the dude sounded like a real scum bag. The amount of pedo charges against him were numerous and he was a straight up junkie and the family needs to let him rest and quit trying to make money off of someone who they pretty much had nothing to do with when he was alive. Greedy little bitches the whole lot of them, but this isn't the time or place for all that.

What I think should happen, if I was in charge of all gaming would be to put a Zombie MJ in ever game for now on. Hell go back and edit him into past games. Left 4 Dead needs a zombie MJ, the Call of Duty World at War Zombie mode could have a dancing Jacko with all the Nazi Zombies. In Dead Rising you would have to kill him with his own records or a stand up of him. As the blood crazed child loving zombie comes shuffling towards you hypodermic needle stuck in his arm from the last drug shoot up you'd see who it is. Oh my god! It's Jackson! Now kill it!

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