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Friday, July 30, 2010

Medal of Honor to come with Battlefield 3 beta invite.

So as I'm reading about this I can only think one thing. EA has realized that the new modern reboot of the Medal of Honor franchise is a giant pile of garbage. They need some way to make people still care about this game. For them releasing a beta was probably the worst thing they could of done because all it did was show the community how bad the game was before it came out. This is what EA gets for spreading DICE so thin, developing different games at the same time. I'm guessing that DICE was working on Battlefield 3 at the same time as MOH so one of them had to suffer. DICE hasn't been the best when it comes to getting their games perfect right at launch as they usually have to release several different patches to get everything in proper working order. So now that nobody really cares about MOH EA has taken some steps to help sell the game. First was making a special edition that's just the regular game with added in weapons like in previous DICE games but with this one EA isn't charging more just giving the weapons away. But that wasn't enough so they whisper out, "Hey buy this and get access to, wait for it... BATTLEFIELD 3!" So now everyone is probably creaming themselves over the awesomeness they hope BF3 will be but you need to buy this garbage MOH to get on the hot beta action. I for one can wait because the DICE of recent memory hasn't been up to snuff as far as games have gone. For me DICE hit their climax with Battlefield 1942 and everything went down hill from there. Vietnam was an unbalanced piece of crap and I never played Battlefield 2 but I've heard good things about that one so I can give it a pass. Next you had all the console BF games which failed to grasp the PC BF experience so they can all blow. Bad Company 1 had a great single player campaign as it was nice to play a war FPS that didn't take itself to seriously, then BC2 which pretty much ignored the whole first game had the most bland, plain war story I've ever seen. The multiplayer for both of these games was just screaming, "Hey look at us! We're almost he PC BF games but we're not quite there yet!" But I don't really know it's just this whole MOH thing has left a bad taste in my mouth and I don't want to see the game do well just because it has a BF 3 beta included with it.

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