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Saturday, July 17, 2010

H2Overdrive, punishes you for winning.

I played H2Overdrive in an arcade today. It's the sequel to a better known game, Hydro Thunder. Hydro Thunder is the speed race boat game Midway put out in 1999. So today I played a friend in H2Overdrive and I won. Well as expected my friend had to put in more money to continue playing but as I looked up to continue the game was asking me for more money. I was put off by this as most games I've played let you keep playing when you win. I couldn't remember if Hydro Thunder did this trick and my friend reminded me that it indeed did make you pay for each race regardless of the outcome. I kind of think this is nonsense, making me pay after I win. Now I know Arcades aren't exactly having an easy time right now and some people reading this may not even know what an Arcade is but this way of making people pay is just not right. At the very least you should make the winner pay half the original cost if you're going to make them pay at all. But in the end neither of us played again because the game was already a dollar and that's just silly for one race.

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