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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Violent Video Games and a really incoherent rambling rant

(I had set out to write something making a point but I kind of lost it in the middle of writing. I leave this as is for reading.)

I had about given up on posting anything today because the internet is being all ass and not letting me on many sites. Just as this page loaded for me I was reading about The 11 new states to get on board with California to ban the sale of violent video games to minors and I want to share some of my thoughts.

I'm divided by this issue, I kind of agree with both sides. On the one hand as I grew up I was allowed to play any game, it was weird I had restrictions of my TV watching and the music I could listen to but nothing on my games except the amount of time I could spend playing them. But it was different back then, most NES games weren't super graphic with the violence the worst one I remember was probably Golgo 13 with the blood, sex and the smoking to get health back. Splatterhouse was another violent game of my youth and even showing my parents the warnings on the box they didn't have any objections to me playing it. The one thing though was they always made sure I knew what I was playing was fiction and it was all stuff that it was okay to do in the game but I should never do it in real life and I understood it. But I believe that their ignorance to the games was caused by them just thinking all games were for kids which really back then they were, I'm part of the generation that games grew up with. As me and the people the age grew up gaming matured along with it's audience. Today we have tons of adult oriented games full of violence and enough blood to paint the world red. Just like movies we have games that are just a little to mature or in some cases just way over the heads of children and yeah kids probably shouldn't see some of these games until they're older. Think of a little kid playing Manhunt, or even something like God of War that is pretty much the definition of ultra violence they just shouldn't see this stuff. Now I have to go back to my youth and think of what happened to me, while I was playing the for the time violent games I was parented, they made sure I understood what I'm seeing isn't reality and no a days I don't think this happens less than back then. Some of today's parents just can't be bothered to simply raise their child that they've dumped in front of a TV with a console and the new hot M rated game. Then they blame the game companies when their ill raised child turns into a lunatic or simply becomes addicted to the game. Why ignore the rating on a game box while you pay attention to the R rating for movies or the music with the advisory sticker on the package? It has to do with the generation that are the older people now, the ones that didn't grow up with games being around and just don't understand it. All these issues I think can get phased out as the gaming generation gets older and into these places of power, people that get it and can figure out a way to regulate the way violent games are handled. I am about sick and tired of when I go to the store to buy a M rated game I get carded, I look over 18 just give me my game. If it's a child in line yeah question it but every adult that comes in there to get their games, leave them alone with the I.D. crap. It was so bad for me I just started ordering all my games online to avoid the nonsense with buying a game in a store.

I do see an upside to all this! It would keep the kids off the online games. I can't stand dealing with kids on the mic in my online FPS games. Games they probably shouldn't really be playing at a young age. Crap I'm going to stop now because I don't really think I'm making any sense anymore if I ever was.

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