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Friday, July 9, 2010

Some thoughts on Kane and Lynch

I played through Kane and Lynch back when it first came out. I heard the various reviews and took a chance on the game. In the end I really enjoyed playing it despite the flaws in the gameplay. I really was taken in by the two characters and the things they are forced to do during the course of the game. I even went as far as buying the game a second time on the PC (I played it on the 360 the first time I played it.) Even on the second time playing I really really liked the overall experience. But I wonder why I'm in the minority when it comes to this game. Other games with just as many problems have been more popular with people but I have thoughts as far as that's concerned. I think the overall dislike of this game comes from the two main characters. In most games you get a hero someone out to do good, save someone or save the world. Some games offer the anti-hero a person forced into the act of good or changing the way they do things due to a betrayal. In Kane and Lynch you play as one of two just down right evil people. Two men that live outside the law and are willing to kill anyone that gets in their way to accomplish their goals. You would think by the end of their journey they would have some kind of redemption or a change of heart but no that doesn't happen. Many innocent people die by the hands of Kane and Lynch and they do not bat an eye. Lot's was said about the "No Russian" level in Modern Warfare 2 but this game had basiclly the same thing in the bank level where the player playing as Lynch kills all the hostages during a psychotic episode. In this way I think people would have a hard time relating to these two because most people aren't going to go out and do the things these two do. But while Lynch is just straight up crazy Kane is a man that's made the choice to do what he does, killing stealing and just living on the other side of the law. One thing that sets Kane apart from Lynch and many of his comrades is the fact that Kane is a coward someone who buckles and backs down at the first sign of being outnumbered or if the situation will end in his defeat he just lays down and accepts it. I'm thinking of the part when the 7 confront him with his wife and daughter. When they're all there Kane is ready to let them kill him but when all but those two leave he beats the Mute to death with a shovel and kills the guys in the dump truck, if the situation changes he will quickly make an about face and fight back. When pushed he can resort to striking at his enemies to get revenge. This is shown in the prison level of the game. But if it couldn't be done under the mask of a riot I personally don't think he would of gone through with the attempt to get an ex partner out of jail. In the end Kane loses the only thing that matters to him, his daughter but only through his own actions which I would say ties him to Lynch as Lynch was responsible for the death of his wife but that was by his own hand. I know I'm talking about this stuff like it could of gone any other way as the game doesn't let you decide to not go to the prison or any other big choices but it's just one of those stories where I like to play around with in my head and imagine how it could of gone. I never thought this one would get a sequel and I'm glad it is because personally I love the two characters and want to see more of what they can do. This overall isn't really a lot but I just wanted to share some thoughts.

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