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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bear Grylls doesn't play games!

I was reading over on Kotaku about a video where Bear Grylls doesn't know about video games. That all well and good but the comments on the video about, "How could he not know about games??!" They're kind of crap.

The dudes life is a video game! He's goes to these exotic locations and does some crazy things, things that you and me both wouldn't ever dream of doing. The man is a total badass, regardless of the stuff from the beginning of the Man Vs Wild show. Even with some of that stuff being staged you can't stage jumping off a giant mountain or eating animal poop for water. He's made of iron and one of the toughest people on earth ever.

Chuck Norris has nothing on Bear Grylls! TOTAL BADASS!

Here's the video from MTV.com

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