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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mass Effect 2 on the PS3

So it was announced earlier this week that the beloved Mass Effect franchise would be coming to the PS3 in the form of Mass Effect 2. In this time of exclusivity disappearing from gaming and the fact that Bioware was bought by EA and EA is in the business of making money this comes as little shock. EA is going to want a potential game of the year to be on every platform possible so here we go with Mass Effect 2 on the PS3.

Some people may say Mass Effect 2 is a game you need to have played the first one to fully enjoy and I some what agree. Part 2 has plenty of plot points and little nods back to the original game. A lot of these are affected by the decisions you made in the first game. Which we all know is not available on the PS3 and probably will not be due to Microsoft publishing the first game. Bioware is promising some sort of Prologue first game recap thing at the beginning of ME2 to get the new players up to speed with what went down. I can only imagine they'll include some of the choices in this for the player to make to influence the second game. Maybe they'll add in flash back type things during the main game of part 2 to let you play the important parts from Mass Effect to let you make these choices. Who knows but I'm sure Bioware has something that will kind of work up their sleeves.

Out of all this ME2 on the PS3 business I think it's funny how Microsoft is handling the whole thing. They remind me of an angry child, crying because someone else got an ice cream cone. They released a press statement saying that with all the available pay for DLC that the 360 is the only place to play Mass Effect 2 in it's full splendor. Didn't this game come out on the PC? Let me check..... Yeah it did and guess what? It has all the same DLC, a better control setup and it's 20 dollars cheaper than the 360 version. The first Mass Effect was a better game on the PC too with a ton of the bugs fixed and the control scheme was way tighter. Microsoft needs to get over themselves, they're slowly loosing the lead they had this generation of consoles and they can't handle it. Not to say they're going to lose it when it's all said and done but a lot of companies are actually starting to make worthwhile ports or just basing their games on the PS3 so the balance that should of been there from day one is starting to be seen.

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