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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Id Tech 5 on the iphone

Quakecon is going on right now and while I'm disappointed we're not going to see anything about DOOM 4 we did get some RAGE news.

Id is making a version of RAGE for the iphone running at 60 frames per second and using Id's new Id Tech 5 which is being used for the PC/Console RAGE and DOOM 4.

John Carmack said it would run on the iphone 4 and the 3GS. He also commented that it would look better than anything on the PS2 or the Xbox.

We'll be seeing two versions of RAGE iphone, one later this year and then the full blown version when the PC/Console RAGE comes out.

while I only have a few iphone games I am impressed with a lot of the stuff that's coming out for it as far as games go. I'm really interested in seeing what Id can do with the hardware as they always push there games to take advantage of whatever they're on.

Here's a picture of RAGE on the iphone

And even better here's a video of RAGE running on a iphone 4. This was posted on Game Videos.

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