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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cave Story Appreciation Week!

So with this extremely slow time in the world of gaming I decided to dedicate the majority of this week to talking about Cave Story. Cave Story is a 2D Metroidvania like platformer that came out in 2004 and was recently made available on the Wii's WiiWare service. It was designed by one man Daisuke Amaya who goes by the name Pixel for his games. It took Daisuke 5 years to program this all by himself. One aspect of this I think is really cool is he did all the music for the game also. Having no former musical knowledge he just came up with sounds and the songs by just putting beats together until it was something he liked. Now knowing this was how all the music in the game came together it's amazing to me how outstanding the music is. Today I'm going to share a few of my favorite tracks from Cave Story.

Fortunately someone has put the entire soundtrack on Youtube and I'll be using those videos to let you listen to the songs here. If you like what you here go give Metoolx597 on Youtube a subscription.

If you really like what you hear you can here and download the entire soundtrack.


The first one here is called Mischievious Robot and plays when you first enter the Egg Corridor level. By far this is my favorite song in the entire game. I would just sit idle in the level so I could listen to it loop over and over.

Next up is Mimiga Town, and it plays in the well, Mimiga Village. I like the laid back sound, it's almost relaxing. Something this game does well with the music is it's placed in very appropriate places. Times of action have more upbeat energetic music. I know most games do this but this one especially is extremely memorable.

Huzzah! This is Balrog's theme! It plays whenever that toaster, suitcase, whatever the hell he is jumps in through the wall or roof like Kool Aid man. Balrog is my favorite character from the game. He's the perfect bumbling fool bad guy and his boss fights are really the easiest to finish but I think that goes with the character.

Pulse plays at the end of the Egg Corridor. I like the almost ambient sound of this song. The beginning reminds me of some of the drone bands I like to listen too. Then the pick up in tempo which again really fits with what's happening in the game at the time is a nice change up.

Running Hell, this is a song you will hear over and over again if you're going for the full completion best ending. It plays as you go through the Sacred Grounds other wise known as Hell. The Hell level in Cave Story can be brutal hard and you will have to go through it a ton to get your strategy down. But that's something I'll save to talk about later in the week. Until then enjoy one of the best songs in the game.

Not so much a favorite but if you manage to beat Hell in under 3 minutes (Good Luck With That!) you'll hear this on the title screen. I figure since many people probably can't do it (I'm one of them) I'd put it here for your enjoyment. It is quite good though.

As I'm writing this and listening to all the Cave Story music to refresh my memory on my favorites I'm realizing just how amazing the whole soundtrack is. Check out the samples I've shared then do yourself a huge favor and just go download the whole thing or even better play the game and listen to them as you go.

I'll be posting various Cave Story related stuff all this week. With I'm thinking a full review on Friday. Check back for more Cave Story stuff!

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