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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

IOS4 for the iphone. A testimony in pain.

So I like many upgraded to the new iOS4 for my iphone. Everything was okay for a couple days but then the crap started to happen. My apps would crash randomly a problem I never really had before except for one but even then it didn't happen all that often. Then as the apps themselves were updated to be in line with iOS4 the problems grew. Espgaluda 2 my most favorite iphone game became a barely working piece of crap. Constantly crashing, not booting right, it was like I couldn't even leave it without the OS thinking I wanting to multitask so I'm assuming the app was running in the background all the time. All the time until it finally crashed again to shut it down and down it's stayed. I loved being able to play this game but now I can't. Cave put out an update for it that I hope fixes the problem but I'm not ready to deal with trying it out. If it doesn't work I'll be really bummed.

But overall my phone is really laggy now. I'll hit the home button to leave an app and it takes a few moments to leave it. The loading of apps can be hit or miss, sometimes they load sometimes they don't. It's like flipping a coin, the hot new Apple iphone game! Gamble on apps starting!

So today I figured I should get the new 4.02 update with the PDF security hole and what not. Well after taking forever to download it installs, restarts my phone and then the phone never comes back up in itunes. After a long time I decide to pull the plug on the phone and plug it in again. Nothing, the PC let alone itunes doesn't recognize the phone. I shut the phone down and decide to restart phone and PC. Well the phone shuts off but my PC crashed with a blue screen upon it trying to shutdown for the restart. Some USB driver error, whatever it was I'm blaming the upgrade process for my phone because I've never had the error before. It's crap plain and simple, Apple should be ashamed of themselves. It's like they wanted to put out the iphone OS version of Vista.

I've decided that now is the time to roll back the OS on my phone and jailbreak this bitch. Hey Apple! I tried to follow the company line and stick with what you're doing with your phone but I've already felt the pain of the real Vista I don't need your iphone version screwing me over.

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