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Monday, August 9, 2010

Cave Story Appreciation Week! Part 2!

As I celebrate my own little Cave Story love week I want to talk about how I got into the game.

While Cave Story came out in 2004 and I had heard a little about through out the years it wasn't until I came across a Let's Play on Youtube that I finally downloaded and played the game and that was late last year. For those who may not know a Let's Play is when someone records themselves playing through a game sometimes with a voice over sometimes without one and then posts the videos on a video hosting site. Lot's of people use Youtube some use other sites such as Blip TV or Daily Motion.

One of my favorite Let's Players on Youtube is Deceased Crab, in general I think he's one of the most popular on Youtube but either way he's really good. I've heard about a lot of indie games from watching his videos. Cave Story was one I noticed he did due to actually having heard about the game over the years but I never watched it. I try not to watch a Let's Play if I haven't played the featured game and I was planning on doing so. After going through a ton of his videos I was ready to watch Cave Story which I wanted to play. I played through the game and thanks to Deceased Crab I played what would become one of my all time favorite games.

Here's the first video in Deceased Crab's Let's Play of Cave Story. Very entertaining, play the game then check this out.

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