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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trying Starcraft again, some thoughts (Terran Campaign)

When the first Starcraft came out in 1998 I picked it up, playing it for a little bit and didn't think much of it. I played some multiplayer at a local LAN center and again wasn't that impressed. When it came to my RTS fix back then it was still Warcraft 2 and Red Alert. There was something about Starcraft, well something about it to me that was a bit off. When I saw the original concept shots for the game and it looked similar to Warcraft 2 but in space I was excited for it. Then out of nowhere here we have this isometric view, different graphics and all that jazz. I think I took it to be Blizzard trying to do Command and Conquer and I wasn't having that. If I wanted to play C&C I'd play C&C what I really wanted was more Warcraft from Blizzard.

So with all the love Starcraft 2 is getting I felt left out on the hype so I'm giving the original another shot. Right now I'm at the last mission for the Terran campaign. The story is okay but nothing no one hasn't seen before and I'm judging that by 1998 standards too not just today. The controls and stuff work fine, I mean it's a working RTS. Path finding can be crap at times and I've had units get stuck behind buildings they were building only to be lost forever. While a game like C&C is all about having more numbers I think this is a more rock scissors paper type game. Certain units are best against others and even if you have more numbers if the other side has the counter to what you're using you're done. I'm not a fan of this in RTS I haven't ever and I think it has something to do with why I didn't care for Starcraft when it first came out.

These are just some initial thoughts, I'll post something more substantial when I'm done with the game but I'll do updates as I finish with each race.

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