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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bioshock: Infinite

So after weeks of build up, Irrational games finally announced the new game they're working on and it's another Bioshock. Not a big surprise but the game is different from the Bioshock we've seen.

The setting for this games isn't in the sea but up in the sky. Set aboard a flying city named Columbia you're a disgraced agent named Booker DeWitt. No longer the nameless protagonist of the first Bioshock you're charged with going to the flying city of Columbia to find a woman named Elizabeth. While Columbia was once a great city, an icon to the people it has become a tool for war. Covered in large cannons it floats through the sky ready to unleash war upon the people of I'm guessing the USA or even the world.

Reveal Trailer:

This looks to be Bioshock but in the sky. The woman in the trailer is either using a plasmid or some kind of magic. The giant steam punk robot is probably this game's Big Daddy. The banner seen a little into it has the whole Andrew Ryan propaganda look to it.

I really hope Irrational Games tries to come up with another type of villian for this. After the extremely bad Sophia Lamb in Bioshock 2 who was just a rip off of Andrew Ryan in the first game, I hope they go another direction. I know Irrational didn't do Bioshock 2 but it tainted the idea of Ryan with it's failed copycatting of him. It is cool to see Irrational take the world of Bioshock to another location, the end of the first Bioshock left no loose ends, it had closure, something you don't see in games in these sequel happy days.

I don't like the name, Bioshock: Infinite is a stupid name. I realize they need brand recognition but it's just a bad name. I have read a few things where people thought the first Bioshock should of been called Rapture and I agree about that 100 percent, it would of been a better name. Then with this game they could of called it Columbia or whatever the city ends up being called.

While I think the new Bioshock: Infinite will be a decent game I just hope they make enough changes so it feels somewhat new and not just Bioshock in the air.

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