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Monday, August 9, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal and some thoughts on the COD series as a whole.

So today we were shown the first video of the new Call of Duty game, Black Ops. Treyarch the "other" company that make COD games is up to the plate this time and well what can I say? It looks just like Modern Warfare 2 with new guns. But I have some other thoughts on this game which I will put after the video.

At first glance you'd think exactly what I said it's the same as MW2 while that's going to be true in a way I don't think Treyarch will make the same mistake Infinity Ward made with MW2. A lot of people like to show hatred for Treyarch for the mere fact they're not Infinity Ward when it comes to COD games.

Yeah COD3 wasn't the most polished game but Treyarch made it in about 8 months time. For a game with such a short development cycle they did a hell of a job and I blame the hate to the they're not Infinity Ward hate.

After that one we saw COD4 and yeah it blew the gaming world away, me included. I hadn't been into online FPS for while because I'd kind of given it up when I stopped playing Counter Strike but COD4 was like this amazing experience. I along with many others was instantly hooked. We would go on to see every aspect of the multiplayer ripped off in other online shooters which is expected but it changed the face of online multiplayer.

Then along comes Call of Duty: World at War. Another WW2 shooter, the last WW2 shooter in the COD series and it's made by Treyarch. The Campaign fantastic one of the best if not the best WW2 shooter campaigns I've ever played. Treyarch managed to show the overall brutality of the second world war in a way I don't think other games have really captured. Well this game had multiplayer and it was almost identical to COD4 except for the setting and the weapons but guess what? It played well and was a hell of a lot of fun but people hated it just because it was a COD game not by Infinity Ward. WAW also had the amazing Nazi Zombie mode, I logged so many hours playing Nazi Zombies online and by myself because it was just so much fun.

Then the super hyped Modern Warfare 2 comes along, people are crapping themselves in anticipation, the excitement is building, everyone is sure it's going to be like the second coming. I was one of these people, I couldn't wait for it. Then I played it, and let me tell you the game was crap. The campaign in COD4 had that one "Oh shit!" moment which made the whole thing have a good impact on the player but MW2 tried to cram as many, "Oh shit!" moments into that game as they could and by the end I was rolling my eyes it was kind of sad. COD games on Veteran have always been a test in skill but also patience as some parts need to be played over and over again but not MW2, it was easy way to toned down. Then the multiplayer, in one word, crap. The guns are not balanced, the maps are not good, the game is glitchy as hell and it take IW to long to fix the glitches. Where COD4 was like a drug to me I played MW2 for about a weekend and I was done. With all the IW drama that went on after the release of MW2 I wonder if they released the game buggy and broken on purpose just to shove the screw you at Activision, but who knows?

Now we have Treyarch back for another COD game, Black Ops. While it's not the fabled Vietnam game we so desperately need, well I mean a good Vietnam game it looks interesting. After WAW I firmly believe Treyarch has surpassed Infinity Ward as the premiere COD developer and I have high hopes for Black Ops. If Treyarch just takes the look of MW2 and actually balances the game maybe with a beta we could have the definitive online shooter for the next couple years.

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